Episode 236: Is break/fix outdated… or a valid marketing tactic?

Episode 236 May 20, 2024 00:30:30
Episode 236: Is break/fix outdated… or a valid marketing tactic?
Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast
Episode 236: Is break/fix outdated… or a valid marketing tactic?

May 20 2024 | 00:30:30


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Paul Green

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Welcome to this week’s episode of the MSP Marketing Podcast with me, Paul Green. This is THE show if you want to grow your MSP.

In this episode I weigh up the relevance of the traditional break/fix model versus managed services. Is break/fix just an outdated concept, or can it still serve as a valuable marketing tool in our contract-driven market? (jump to)

I also investigate what truly measures success for business owners. Drawing from my 19 years of experience, we’ll explore how consistent marketing actions can transform ambitious plans into tangible achievements. (jump to)

Jeff Newton from REDiTECH joins me as this week’s guest and shares his unique experience of overwhelming marketing success. Jeff’s insights highlight the importance of robust processes and the need for perseverance and adaptability in marketing strategies after setbacks. (jump to)

Lastly, I’ve introduced a brand new element to the Podcast – Paul’s Personal Peer Group – where I endeavour to answer your personal MSP marketing questions.  This week we hear from Scott in Florida who is considering the viability of Facebook advertising but is concerned about the return on investment.  Find out whether this could be right for you. (jump to)

Join me as we unpack these topics and learn from some triumphs and trials in the MSP world. Oh, and don’t forget to join me in the MSP Marketing Facebook group.


Is break/fix outdated… or a valid marketing tactic?

Once the go-to strategy, the break/fix business model, where MSPs fix tech issues as they arise, now shares the stage with the managed services model, which emphasises ongoing support and monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Despite its old-school vibe, some MSPs still cling to break/fix as a crucial marketing tactic. They argue it’s a way to introduce their services, offering a taste that could potentially convert to more stable, contractual relationships.

But how does this strategy hold up in the modern MSP landscape? I reached out to the 2,300 members of my MSP Marketing Facebook group to get their take, and the responses were eye-opening. For some, offering small break/fix services is a proven method to win clients over in the early growth stages, to a tipping point where only MRR makes sense. Others have moved away from break/fix unless it’s part of a broader security audit or leads directly to an MRR contract.

This diverse range of strategies highlights a critical decision point for MSPs: is break/fix a smart business lever to pull for sampling services, or is it a relic best left in the past? Your strategy might just shape the future of your business in the ever-evolving MSP market.

Is break/fix outdated… or an MSP marketing tactic?

You’re measured by what you get done, not by what you say you’re doing

We often dream big about our business ambitions but it’s not the plans that impress people—it’s the results. In the world of MSPs, like in all business, actions speak louder than words. Whether you’re chasing new clients or aiming to hit ambitious revenue targets, it’s what you actually accomplish that counts, not just what you intend to do.

A commitment to action is what turns average, slow-growing businesses into market leaders. Every successful MSP owner I’ve interviewed shares a similar story… their growth accelerated when they invested seriously in sales and marketing, committing to continuous, decisive actions that drive the business forward.

For anyone looking to transform their business, remember—actions are your most powerful marketing tool. It’s about doing, not just dreaming. Take bold steps, apply that great strategy you learned, and watch as your business success reaches new heights. This isn’t just good advice, it’s the only way to make those big business dreams a reality.

You may be measuring your MSP’s success the wrong way

My guest won too many clients and broke his MSP’s operations!

Here’s a scenario that many MSPs fear but rarely encounter: what happens when your marketing and sales efforts are too successful?  Jeff Newton from REDiTECH is my guest this week, and he shares how his killer marketing strategies ended up swamping his company’s operations with too many clients. Jeff, who has flipped hats from operations to sales over his 18-year career, explained that understanding both sides has been key to his success.

He also touches on why some marketing efforts flop and stressed that giving up after one failure is a common mistake. Like Thomas Edison’s relentless pursuit to perfect the light bulb, Jeff believes in tweaking and testing until you find what works. His journey highlights the importance of a solid process and using the right language in marketing to connect with prospects effectively.  Thank you to Jeff for joining me.

My guest won too many clients and broke his MSP’s operations!

FEATURED GUEST: Jeffrey S. Newton, VP of Sales & Marketing of REDiTECH is a recovering MSP operations guy turned Sales Revenue Renegade. Over the last 18 years, Jeff has worked across 5 MSPs, donned 11 hats, and built sales teams that crushed goals – generating over $500k in new MRR in just 5 years. But he also built an engine so successful, it literally broke operations… talk about learning the hard way!

Today, he uses his wealth of experience to help MSP owners and sales leaders ditch failed marketing, convert leads, and boost MRR. He’s still an active “in-the-business” sales leader with an MSP who understands current challenges and delivers actionable strategies (that actually work.). Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn.


Should MSPs run Facebook ads?

Got a question about your MSP’s marketing? Submit one here for Paul’s Personal Peer Group. This week Scott, who owns an MSP in Florida, brings up a crucial query about diving into paid advertising on social media, specifically questioning the viability of Facebook ads given the concerns about return on investment and his own inexperience.

Here’s the lowdown, Facebook advertising for MSPs can indeed be tricky, particularly due to the precise targeting required and the often limited size of your specific audience. The challenge is crafting an ad campaign that reaches enough people to be effective without diluting the message.

If you’re considering Facebook ads, start small. Risk a bit of your marketing budget to test the waters. Design an eye-catching ad that directs potential clients to a well-crafted landing page that echoes the ad’s message. This consistency is key to converting visits to actions.

If direct advertising doesn’t yield results, pivot to remarketing. This technique targets ads at people who’ve visited your website but haven’t engaged further. By installing a Facebook pixel on your site, you can track these visitors and re-engage them with tailored ads, enhancing the likelihood of converting them into clients.

So, should you run Facebook ads? Absolutely, but start small, refine your strategy based on initial outcomes, and consider remarketing as a potent tool to boost your online engagement.

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