Episode 238: HUH? Growing your MSP should be... boring???

Episode 238 June 03, 2024 00:33:19
Episode 238: HUH? Growing your MSP should be... boring???
Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast
Episode 238: HUH? Growing your MSP should be... boring???

Jun 03 2024 | 00:33:19


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Paul Green

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Welcome to this week’s episode of the MSP Marketing Podcast with me, Paul Green. This is THE show if you want to grow your MSP.

In this episode I explain why a level of boredom in your MSP business indicates success, and allows you to focus on growth and improvement.  (jump to)

I also tell you why email remains the powerhouse communication tool for MSPs, essential for owning client data and building strong relationships through consistent, engaging content.  (jump to)

Megan Killian joins me to discuss why MSPs must view marketing from the prospects’ perspective. She highlights the importance of a strong online presence, transparent pricing, and aligning services with their needs and values to build trust and attract more clients.  (jump to)

Lastly, I answer a question from Gordan, who owns and runs an MSP in the UK.  He wants to know whether Instagram is a worthwhile marketing platform or is he running the risk of marketing overload.  (jump to)

Join me as we unpack these topics and learn from some triumphs and trials in the MSP world. Oh, and don’t forget to join me in the MSP Marketing Facebook group.


Growing your MSP should be… boring???

Believe it or not, the key indicator that your MSP business is on the right track might just be boredom. Yes, you read that right. If your business bores you, it’s a sign that you’ve achieved a level of stability and efficiency most entrepreneurs only dream of.

Reflect on your business journey. Are you in the hectic start-up phase, managing your first employees, or at the enviable stage where your business runs smoothly without your constant oversight? Over my 19 years in entrepreneurship, I’ve experienced all these stages with various ventures. Reflecting on those early days, I don’t miss the chaos of creating systems from scratch and firefighting daily crises.

The start-up phase is stressful because every aspect of the business needs to be invented and refined – from customer experience to marketing strategies. What’s alarming is how many business owners get stuck here.

Here’s some wisdom… if you’re slightly bored with your business, it means you’ve built robust systems that run smoothly without constant intervention. No crises to manage, no fires to put out – just seamless operations. This boredom isn’t a negative, it’s a testament to your success.

Achieving this level of systemisation frees up your time, allowing you to focus on growth and improvement. Each step towards eliminating daily problems brings you closer to a well-oiled, self-sufficient business. When you reach that point, you’ll find the luxury of a little boredom incredibly liberating – a true sign that you’re on the path to long-term success.

What’s your email marketing spam rate?

Email marketing has transformed significantly in recent years, yet it remains one of the most effective tools for MSPs.  Recent changes in B2B email rules, shouldn’t deter you from utilising email marketing. Despite Gmail’s low spam complaint threshold of 0.3%, it’s crucial to keep engaging your audience through emails.

Email is unique because you own the data. Unlike platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, where you risk losing access, your email list remains yours, even if you switch CRMs. Email is still central to business communications and logins, making it indispensable. For MSPs, weekly emails – focused on edutainment – covering topics like productivity, security, and profitability, are ideal. Avoid overly technical content and instead, address subjects that resonate with business owners and managers.

For instance, my CRM (Keap) reports a 0.4% complaint rate, slightly above Gmail’s limit, but manageable given the volume of emails sent. Remember, consistent email engagement fosters relationships with potential clients. While MSPs may not see immediate new clients from emails, this consistent communication keeps your services top of mind, ready for the day prospects decide to switch providers. Email marketing is still a powerful strategy for MSPs and will remain so for years to come.

Watch on YouTube – Avoid the SPAM folder when marketing your MSP

How to look at your marketing as a prospect does

One of the greatest marketing skills you can develop is viewing your marketing through the eyes of your prospects. My guest today, Megan Killian, excels at this. She shares how prospects choose new MSPs, the importance of reviews, and why displaying pricing on your website is essential.

Prospects often conduct extensive research before engaging, making a strong online presence crucial. They check websites, LinkedIn, and reviews on platforms like Google and Clutch. Including pricing on your website, even a range, builds trust and transparency. Prospects care more about your service’s practical benefits than technical jargon.

Megan emphasises defining your ideal client profile and aligning your services with clients’ needs and values. This foundational work is key to effective marketing and sales strategies. Megan advises MSPs to focus on their website as it’s the face of their business. A distinctive, professional website can significantly impact prospects’ perceptions and set you apart from competitors.

By refining these aspects, MSPs can build trust and attract more clients, ensuring long-term success in the competitive tech landscape.

Watch on YouTube – How to look at your marketing as a prospect does


Megan Killion, a distinguished B2B Sales and Marketing Leader, is the powerhouse behind MKC Agency. Her prowess in tech consultation, community engagement, and sales team training has been pivotal in escalating numerous brands from the $1-5 million range to $15 million and beyond. Megan’s decade-long experience in B2B technology marketing has enabled her to generate over $500 million in pipeline across diverse sectors such as CDN, Telecommunications, Managed Services, and more. Beyond being a business virtuoso, Megan is a neurodivergent Ravenclaw and a devoted mother, masterfully juggling a demanding career with the joyful chaos of a household of five boys.

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Should you use Instagram in your marketing?

Got a question about your MSP’s marketing? Submit one here for Paul’s Personal Peer Group.

Gordon, an MSP owner in the UK, asked if he should use Instagram in his marketing strategy. The key rule with Instagram is to use it only if your target businesses are active on it. Instagram excels for retail or hospitality businesses aiming to reach consumers – for example, if your niche is targeting restaurant owners who frequently market on Instagram, then it makes sense for you to be there. However, for traditional B2B sectors like lawyers and CPAs, Instagram isn’t typically worthwhile. Focus your efforts where your target audience spends their time for the most effective results.

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